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Sueloo on the river Wye

The Journey

My name is Sueloo Brown and I have been involved in dizzying number of different activities, but how did I get here with my current occupations or vocations?
I have been described as being an eternal child and that playfulness has guided me throughout life. This doesn't mean that I have not struggled with my creativity, it has been a rollercoaster ride. With my hand painted silk scarves I have done the work and had the satisfaction of achieving objects and painted colours that have rewarded me ten fold.
I came upon silk painting after a period of time as a garden designer in London, a bicycle mechanic and an interior designer. Most of these roles were freelance/self employed and as I am a dyslexic having a say over the way that I do things is important to me.
Developing a real core of interests, bringing together the strands, is my current self work. I am now combining my love of creativity, working with children and learning about the journey of others in my present work and I feel a sense of excited anticipation about the journey before me.

Nourishment for the spirit.

Over the last two decades particularily I have been involved in therapeutic and self work. I studied at The White Lodge Centre of New Directions in Speldhurst in Kent. There I took a course in Colour Therapy under the loving and experienced eye of Pam Blake Wilson. The understanding of the way colour effects us fundamentally has been an essential foundation for my silk painting as well as my understanding of ourselves and life at large. Since then I have undertaken Reiki stage 1, a therapy for channelling healing. Holistic Massage with an understanding of anatonmy and recently Non Directive Play Therapy under the guidance of former The Children's Hours Trust.
This work combines for me the down to earth practical in our need to play and the wonder in our need to be heard through whatever means.

Making Connections.

Much of what I do is based upon relationships, in other words I am a people person. Friends and the close companionship of working with others in a common love is important to me.

PLease feel free to contact me with any of your thoughts or comments. Details can be obtained on the Contacts page. I look forward to hearing from you.


This is a video of 'Touching Hands' photographed by me

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